In the third session of Zoo Time, Mikey and Molly show us Animals native to North and South America. These animal guests include: Arizona – the Desert Tortoise, Coolie – the pacific gopher snake, Roonie – the vinegaroon, dubia cockroaches, and Rosie – the Chilean rose-haired tarantula.

Zoo Time is a virtual classroom with Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo educators, Mikey and Molly.

This is a pre-recorded session. Live sessions available through the City of Palo Alto Community Services Department:

Join them as they care for and play with the animals of the Junior Museum & Zoo. Each week, you will meet a different animal, or group of animals, that lives at the Zoo and learn about the many different ways we keep them happy and healthy. You’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life at the Zoo during shelter-in-place.