We recorded a live session in the attic of venue De Gym in Groningen. The track is called ‘Chrome’ and is from our forthcoming album ‘ease.’.
The album will be released on April 15th 2017 by Subroutine Records (Cd + vinyl), Graanrepubliek Records (Vinyl) en Tartarus Records (cassette).

Shot and edited by: René Duursma (http://www.sensorama.nl/) and Thomas van den Berg (http://eighteenfortytwo.tumblr.com/)
Sound recorded by: Klaas Pot (http://www.nopussybluesstudio.com/)
Recorded at: de Gym (http://www.gymgymgym.nl/)

Record labels: Subroutine Records (http://www.subroutine.nl/), De Graanrepubliek Records (http://www.degraanrepubliek.com/), Tartarus Records (http://tartarusrecords.com/)