Live at the Fiddler’s Elbow in London. It was one of those gigs in which the promoter just disappears and left us to our own devices XD Ah, these people… Anyway, the gig went great, the other bands rocked it out and the audience was drunk enough to just dance a bit and listen. I even met a crazy drunk shrink that kept on offering me drinks. Of course, I cannot be rude and refuse…

I have a playlist with other live perrfoamnces published by other channels. You can check those out here:

Finally, go and check Seven Red Lions out; they have 2 albums out and all the social medias. All links below

“The Other Side” – Seven Red Lions
Music by Seven Red Lions


David – Vox and Guitar
Sara – BV and Percussions
Cris – Keys
Sanso – Bass
Frankie – Drums