Friday Session 3 of the 2020 SPNHC/ICOM NATHIST online conference

Symposium: Specimen Spotlights, and Storage Techniques for Art, Science, and History Collections (STASH)


1. What’s in a Name? David Dale Owens’ Ammonites Opalus Nomen Oblitum – Paul Mayer
2. Finding Fo’ Fossils – Jessica Nakano
3. A Lysorophian from the Mazon Creek Lagerstätte: A Story Brought to You by Citizen Scientists – Patricia Coorough Burke
4. Kronosaurus and the Woman in the Red Dress – Christina Byrd
5. Are Those Teeth?: An Oreodont’s Story From New Mexico – Hannah Cantrell
6. One Tooth, Numerous Questions – Amanda Lawrence
7. The First Striped Dolphin on the Isle of Man: Working Collaboratively to Preserve it for the Manx Museum and Public – Laura McCoy
8. Dwarf Sperm Whale Skeleton Articulation at the Charles Darwin Foundation in the Galápagos Islands – Martha Maria Velez
9. A Juniper in a Carolina Forest – Maura Flannery
10. The Trials and Tribulations of a Hardy Geranium – Yvette Harvey & Clare Booth-Downs
11. The Poppy That Means I’m Home – Paula Barteau
12. Chief Red Cloud’s War Shirt – Deborah Harding
13. Ka’apor [Amazon] Ritual Necklaces – Deborah Harding
14. What Do You Get When You Mix Filipino Silversmiths, President Taft, and a Giant Shell? A Massive Punch Bowl! – Mariana Di Giacomo
15. A Collaborative Online Resource – Lisa Goldberg
16. Earthquake “Proofing” Mismatched Cabinets – Carolyn Levitt-Bussian
17. Curating Sporific Basidiomycetes – Genevieve Tocci
18. The Discoloration of Plants in Botanical Fluid Collections: A Challenge for Research and Conservation – Marion Dangeon