Presenting new Reggae Rap, Freestyle Songs. Music Video Vol.14, April 2013, read the Lyrics in the Description! ‘Fed Up’ is the Title of my new Reggae Song this Month. Leave a Comment below and if you like this Tune give me a Thumbs Up for my Work.
Riddim and Lyrics by DreaDnuT. (German/Jamaican Reggae 2013)

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This is original Old School Raggamuffin Style. A Live Reggae Session, recorded and mixed @ 12 Gates Music Studio (Germany/ Flossenbürg), which is my own Record Label, located in Germany and in Queens New York City.
Listen to me, when I’m Freestyling and dropping a Rap on a Mix Reggae Instrumental of ‘Fed Up’ Reggae Hip Hop Beat 2013,

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I like to catch the Live and Direct Vibes, Emotions, Style and Flows, when I’m rapping to my selfmade Reggae Beats. I’m a german Reggae Artist, a White male Rapper and Composer, dealing with strictly Consciousness. I have been developing my Skills and Styles over a musical Periode of 25 Years. Everything started 1985, when I have been a Resident of Jamaica. There are my musical Roots of becoming a Dancehall Dj, where I was performing and making my first Steps on local Sounds. There I went thru the jamaican old School of Raggamuffin Style. I’m rapping most of my Songs in Patois, that is the original and native Language of Jamaica. Patwa is the jamaican Language of Reggae.
I’m creating a new, unique and selfmade conscious Music and Club Sound, chanting and rapping on my own Riddims and Beats, which I have composed, mixed and produced in Logic 8 (where I’m doing all my Midi Recordings), the Audio Vocals were recorded in Cubase. This are pure hot Fire Tracks! All of my Tunes were recorded and produced in my own Studio.

I’m a Beatmaker, making Beats from the modern Roots, Reggae, Dancehall to Ragga Bashment and even Hiphop Crossover Music. All the Stuff You find on my Channel, is to 100% selfmade, fresh, unique and original. I’m mixing Elements of many different Music Genres. I’m a very hard working Musician and Producer, I need your Help, because you got the Power to support me and make me reach to the Charts one Day and placing one of my best Reggae Music Songs into the Top 10!
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Here are the Lyrics of this Song
Original DreaDnuT again
Fed up, with the Man, who are working their Brain,
them make War in Jah Name,
innocent Youths get the Blame, fed up with it!
some are going to Heaven and some going to Hell,
some are bowing and some rebell,
every Day the bucket goes to the Well,
one Day the Bottom are going to drop off!

I was practicing my Rub-A-Dub Style, by performing many Nights on several Soundsystems @ Dances in Reggae Clubs all over the World, like all around Germany and Europe, in the Uk(Great Britain), Queens New York City and more
preaching Word, Sound and Power by the Blessing and Grace of Jah Rastafari, Haile Selassie I the First.
Jah bless you All … 1 Love & Peace …