According to one bit of BBC site info, Mazzy Star supposedly recorded two BBC radio sessions in 1996, one in January, and one in October at the time their then new album “Among my Swan” which was released Oct. 29, 2020. But I suspect it was a BBC site typo and there was most likely just one 1996 session on the Oct. 31, and no January one. The original BBC broadcast(s) had some interview content as well as songs, but I’ve never heard the interview portions. BBC DJs sometimes replay songs from these 1996 sessions. These recordings come from such rebroadcasts.

1) Halah, starts at 0:00 (Radio 1 Session, 31 Jan 1996? – or more likely 31 Oct 1996 )
2) Ghost Highway 3:28 (Radio 1 Session, 31 Jan 1996? – or more likely 31 Oct 1996 )
3) Flowers in December 6:52 (Radio 1 Mark Radcliffe Session, 31 Oct 1996)
4) Rhymes of an Hour 11:47 (Radio 1 Mark Radcliffe Session, 31 Oct 1996)

After further reflection and research, I feel skeptical there was in fact a January session. Because according to gigs lists, Mazzy was not playing live shows or touring in early 1996. And they didn’t have a new album out to promote and tour behind till much later in the year when Among My Swan was released on Oct.29. I’ve previously uploaded these same four song recordings to my yt channel in two separate uploads. One had songs 1,2 & 3. The other had just song #4. Now all four are together. [Later edit: By now I’ve seen clinching evidence all four songs come from the same Oct. 31 session. A collector with a CD version of the session posted in a FB fan group a photo from the booklet that came with his CD. It lists just four songs for the Oct. 31 Mark Radcliffe session, the same four that are shown above]

As far as I know, only these four 1996 session songs were ever broadcast on BBC. On March 20, 2019, BBC 6 DJ Gideon Coe played three of these four songs on his radio show. The playlist for that show that was findable on BBC’s site gave the supposed original 1996 broadcast dates and info for each song (Halah, Ghost Highway, and Flowers in December). The fourth song here, Rhymes of an Hour comes from a different BBC rebroadcast. We can infer that the original broadcast date for it was likely the same as that of Flowers in December, as that session was promoting the new album, and both songs are from that album. Flowers in December was a single from it. As mentioned, I now think the Jan 31 dates on song”d 1 & 2 are most likely typos. It seems more plausible, imo, all four are from one session, Oct.31, 1996.

There is an online blog that says Mazzy Star did a BBC John Peel session, but I can find no corroborating evidence for it. Wikipedia has a long list of John Peel sessions, arranged alphabetically by artist. Mazzy Star is not listed. Oddly “Mazey Fade” is listed though. Though the name looks like it could possibly be a garbled attempt to name Mazzy Star, it’s not that. Mazey Fade is the correct name for a different band findable at Discogs site, etc.

Photo Credits:
Thumbnail: Stefan de Bestelier (Hope& David, L.A., 1993)
1: Lindsay Brice (1994, Hollywood Palace)
2 & 3: (Screenshots from Mazzy Star’s July 9, 1994 appearance on Jools Holland’s BBC …