Leona Naess performs Mexico and Dues To Pay (mis-titled on the original on screen caption as ‘Due To Pay’) live on The Star Lounge (for Star 105.9 FM in Portland, Oregon, USA) on 5 March 2002. There is also an interview clip between the two songs.

Leona performed eleven songs in total for the session in the following order:

Panic Striken
Blue Eyed Baby (followed by Interview)
Just One
Star Signs
Mexico (followed by Interview)
Dues To Pay
Mayor Of Your Town
Charm Attack (followed by Interview)
Sunny Sunday
I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll (followed by Interview)
Chosen Family (followed by Interview)

For more information (Discography, Lyrics, Interviews etc) please visit ‘Leona Naess Music’ at http://www.myspace.com/leonanaessmusic

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