Lejana – Fire – Live Evil Sessions – Compartido por RAFO

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Lejana – Fire – Live Evil Sessions – Compartido por RAFO

Descripción del Video


Lejana is a bandproject between Berlin/Germany (Linda Blend) and Guadalajara/Mexico (Eder Perales) homebased and performing live with a complete band since April 2011 in Mexico.

Linda and Eder met in 2009 thanks to Steven Medina Hufsteter (Tito&Tarantula) and by the end of that year they started to share songs online. WIthin 1 year they created a whole demo record so in early 2011 Blend moved from Germany to Mexico with nothing more than a backpack and her computer which contained the lejana demos.

The record is in production, co produced by Saul Ledesma, music director of Radaid and Ella y el Muerto and will be released in summer 2012.


Producción y Dirección
Alejandro Torres
Adrian Lagos

Captura de Audio
IGLHU Estudio
Miguel Ruiz
Aristides Carballo

Mezcla y Master
Alejandro Merodio (Floating Point Studio)
Eder Perales

Etiquetas del Video

Berlin, Blend, Boss, Casafragma, Ebow, Eder, Evil, Fire, Gaia, Germany, Guadalajara, Lejana, Linda, Live, Marlento, Mexico, Muerto, Nebulophone, Perales, Radaid, Reverb, Rock, Roland, Rv-5, Rv5, Sessions), Tarantula, Tito, Vivo

Lejana, Fire, Berlin, Blend

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  1. San San

    Amazing <3 I absolutely love this song


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