Lejana – Fire – Live Evil Sessions

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Lejana – Fire – Live Evil Sessions

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Lejana is a bandproject between Berlin/Germany (Linda Blend) and Guadalajara/Mexico (Eder Perales) homebased and performing live with a complete band since April 2011 in Mexico.

Linda and Eder met in 2009 thanks to Steven Medina Hufsteter (Tito&Tarantula) and by the end of that year they started to share songs online. WIthin 1 year they created a whole demo record so in early 2011 Blend moved from Germany to Mexico with nothing more than a backpack and her computer which contained the lejana demos.

The record is in production, co produced by Saul Ledesma, music director of Radaid and Ella y el Muerto and will be released in summer 2012.


Producción y Dirección
Alejandro Torres
Adrian Lagos

Captura de Audio
IGLHU Estudio
Miguel Ruiz
Aristides Carballo

Mezcla y Master
Alejandro Merodio (Floating Point Studio)
Eder Perales

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Foto: Alex de Geømetric y RAFO

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  1. Jourdyn Kelly

    Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. San San

    Amazing <3 I absolutely love this song

  3. Mélodie

    My favorite 😍

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