Larry Pockets – Scary Pockets ORIGINAL (feat. Larry Goldings)
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Playing the game as a “one take only” guitar recording over live performances from artists and bands such as Lachy Doley, Scary Pockets, Keith Carlock, Rozzi, Therese Curatolo, Matt Schofield, Larry Goldings, and of course, myself Arghhh …
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Stay positive and keep the music HIGH during this hard times, building the best play list you’ve been listen to in a while
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MY RECORDING GEARS for professional standards guitars parts in a high quality recording environment and a various style of music (Funk, Rock, Blues, Soul, Neo Soul, World, Electronica, …)

* Fender Stratocaster US 91’
* Gisbon Les Paul Custom 93′
* National Tricone resonator guitar 90’

* Ibanez TS9(82’ vintage) stomp box.
* TS9DX stomp box.
* MXR Dyna Comp stomp box.
* Dunlop Cry Baby 535q stomp box.
* Line JM4 stomp box.
* OCD fulltone stomp box.
* Yamaha REV 500 rack fx.
* Lexicon PCM81 rack fx.
* TC electronic M2000 rack fx.

* LANEY GH50L head All Tube amp
* 212 Cabinet with Celestion 12’’ GB speaker
* MESA BOOGIE Triaxis All Tube Guitar Preamplifier.

* PRESONUS Eureka Transformer Coupled CLASS-A Preamplifier.
* DBX 576 Vacuum Tube Preamp Compressor.
* TLAUDIO Ivory Eq-5013 Valve Equaliser.

* Shure SM57 (dynamic CAB SPEAKER OF AXIS)
* Royer 121 (Ribbon CAB SPEAKER ON AXIS)
* Rode NT2 (Condenser ROOM MIKE 1)
* AKG C451 (Condenser ROOM MIKE 1)
* Pair of BEHRINGER C3 (condensers XY ROOM MIKE)

* MAC Book Pro i7 quad core 16Go RAM.
* IPad 6 /128Go
* AVID Mbox3 Pro (8 In/Out) / IK Multimedia IrigHD2
* AVID Pro Tools 11.4
* IK MULTIMEDIA Amplitube 4.6 + Amplitube I/O
* LINE 6 HELIX Native plugins

You want me to record some electric guitar parts on your music ! Send me a stereo mix, a youtube link, or any audio master you might have of your song, in wave, mp3 format (high resolution). I will import and convert it into pro tools.Give me as much details you want on the guitars styles you like. Musical references with affiliated links are usefull.
FOR PRO TOOLS USERS : Send me a prepared session, i’ll send it back with edited tracks.
*NB : Obviously BPM synch is most welcome !

FOR VIDEO REQUIREMENTS :Send me .mp4 or .mov video file of your song and/or performance, i will open it into pro tools to play along with and send you back the audio and video recordings suitable for your social medias and/or network promotion.
*Specs :
* Camera : Panasonic HCVX870-4K
* Video éditing on Imovie

Note : A realistic and musically interesting video collaboration has to be lively played from the beginning straight forward to the end of the song.
* Consolidated WAVE files in 24bits/48khz (24bits/96khz Sampling frequency on demand). 
* DRY TRACK(s) : DI sound (for Re-Amping and/or mixing)
* WET TRACK(s) : PROCESSED Sound (Render with Amp …