Childcare certificates will create a more flexible work schedule, fewer hours if you please and a higher paying job. In order for you to even think about getting your 45 childcare hours, you will need a valid driver’s license or Florida ID. Next you will need to have access to a computer. Also, you would need to pick up the three mandatory books that are free after you pay for the classes.
First off, you would need to go to the Miami Dade website, apply and pay for the noncredit classes. There is about three different classes you must register for. These classes are called 30 Hours Child Care Facility Personnel Training, 5 Hours Literacy in Early Care and Education, and 10 Hours Preschool Appropriate Practices. When you register for the classes make sure you have time to get to class everyday and that it works around your schedule. Next, you will have to make time to pick up your three books at the campus for which you registered and the books will be able to be picked up in the continuing education of the campus. Make sure the books are in the correct language and are the correct books, which should be titled, Child Care Training, Child Care Facility Rules and Regulations, and Preschool Appropriate Practice.
Furthermore, when you go to pick up your books, the staff there will assist you in building your DCF website profile, which is mandatory for taking these courses. After you make your profile, you verify your personal information on the DCF website and login to it at your home a day or two after you have created the profile. The website to login in
After you have your books and ensure that the website profile is correct and working. You must attend 45 hours of classes. In the class your professor will give you very miniscule and easy activities from the book and will give you the answers to fill in the blank of each section. There are seven different sections and six different exams you must pass to be certified, so make sure to pay close attention in class. The seven different sections are called, Childcare Facility Rules and Regulations (FACR), Health, Safety, and Nutrition (HSAN), Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (CAAN), Child Growth and Development (CGAD), Behavioral Observation and Screening (BOSR), Pre-School Appropriate Practices (PSAP), and Early Literacy and Language Development. For the five hours of Early Literacy and Language Development there is no exam, just make sure that you have signed in on the attendance sheet of each day of class.
After you have finished each section of the classes you can apply on the DCF website to take your certificate exam, the exam ranges from 25 – 35 questions and is fairly easy. You must make sure to pay attention in class and study for it. Each exam has a different cost; in total all the exams cost 40 dollars all together. You can pay all the exams together or one by one. You can take more than one exam on your scheduled exam date if you’d like, just register ahead of time. I recommend you take up to 3 exams on the same day, the limit is five exams in one sitting.
When you arrive at the exam on the exam date, you will need to arrive 45 minutes early, make sure to have your Florida ID or drivers license with you and number 2 pencils. If you cannot make it to an exam for whatever reason you will have to …