FKJ playing an exclusive live set in world’s largest salt flat Salar de Uyuni for Cercle.
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Video credits:

Artist: FKJ
Venue: Salar de Uyuni
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Directors of photography: Mathieu Glissant
Sound engineer: Laurent de Boisgisson & Thomas Cooksey
Assisted by: Aurélien Moisan
Sound mastering: Laurent de Boisgisson
Drone: Alexis Olas

Special thanks to Terra Andina, Conacine, French Embassy in Bolivia , French Alliance in Bolivia & Live Buzz for all their support.

This artistic performance has been recorded live.


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Derek (Cercle):
− So, I’m a bit moved because what we just experienced was incredible, but I wanted to ask how it felt to be playing in the middle of this natural landscape and not in front of people as you’re used to?

Vincent (FKJ):
− Well, there was a lot less pressure, less expectations,
− I didn’t see the reaction of the people in front of me that I usually interpret in a good or a bad way, sometimes I do interpret their reaction the right way but sometimes it completely wrong, in the end it’s all in my head but here there’s no audience so I’m by myself, I’m a bit like in my room except that have something incredible in front of me so it was easier to adventure myself in unknown territories…

Derek (Cercle):
− You lost yourself in your music tonight?

Vincent (FKJ):
− I was Lost

Derek (Cercle):
− It was really incredible.
− There are a lot of people that have been asking questions online but I will start with one which I believe was asked by Emero: How were you inspired by Bolivia and this specific location ?

Vincent (FKJ):
− Well exactly, the inspiration came from the location.
− Here I didn’t want the location to be just a background to my music but my music to be the soundtrack of the location.
− That’s why I didn’t play many of my songs, I played a few that I thought worked well with this location but for the rest I was just looking around and being inspired by this place, by the nature around

Derek (Cercle):
− It’s true that I heard many tunes that I didn’t know so there were a lot of unreleased.

Vincent (FKJ):
− It wasn’t even unreleased.

Derek (Cercle):
− They were never released.

Vincent (FKJ):
− Yeah, they were not unreleased, probably will never be released

Derek (Cercle):
− Well we were privileged to hear them.

Derek (Cercle):
− Often the themes that we find in your tracks are the skyline and the notion of going home: Why those two themes? What inspires you in those themes?

Vincent (FKJ):
− The skyline is a metaphor for trying to reach your goals in life, make your dreams come true
− And go back home is really about travelling
− The track I don’t want to go back home that I played; I …