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Welcome to the Fania Boyle Heights Sessions! We have traveled around the world looking for the best bands to partner with and create a new series of Fania covers called the “Fania Sessions”. We have recorded sessions in cities like Miami, New York, Mexico City, Bogota, and now Los Angeles. We continue the series with the “Boyle Heights Sessions”, the second video is a funky cover of Ralfi Pagan’s “Ain’t No Big Thing” by Orgone.

About Orgone
Orgone (Or-gone). Noun. 1. A universal life force. 2. A cosmic unit of energy, the creative force in nature. 3. A soul music juggernaut with 8 heads and one heart.

Now and always, Orgone delivers dirty, organic, California soul with heart; music that grabs you by the collar, pulls you to your feet and shoves you wantingly onto the dance floor. It all started with two kids from the San Fernando Valley, whose shared affinity for gritty soul records of the 60s and 70s collided with the colorful music cultures brewing in Los Angeles during the late 90s. That friendship sparked a movement, and Orgone has been delivering nothing but gold to the funk faithful ever since. “We intend our music to have an inhibition-canceling effect,” founding guitarist Sergio Rios explains. “It speaks to those who may have wallflower tendencies encouraging everyone to own the freakiness that lives inside them, and enjoy the spotlight for a little while. Sometimes it takes a nudge to let go and get on the dance floor. And sometimes it takes a big ‘ol push… a love shove, if you will. And we’re well versed in those.”

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Producer: Maykol Sanchez
Producer: Maria Fernandez
Director: Edgar “Golden Boy” Marrera ( IG @edgargoldenboy)
Pos Production: GB-Post (IG: @goldenboypost |
Music Supervisor: Pablo Ahogado
Music Producer: Javier Piñol
Sound Engineer: Tomi Perez

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