DECK B is a musical act by Mexican musician and producer Fernando Castillo. The band was founded in 2003 by Castillo and José Astorga in Tijuana, Mexico. The musical style of DECK B owes something to the Post-Rock subgenre of Rock music, although DECK B’s songs blend a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound using rock instrumentation and electronic elements. Castillo and Astorga record mainly on their own, often with the help of Adrian Villarreal, Roberto Pacheco, Victor Villarespe, Sebastián Farrugía and a rotating lineup of collaborators drawn primarily from Tijuana & Monterrey’s independent music scene.

Camara 1: Angel Castillo
Camara 2: Gabriel Avendaño

Montaje: Israel Angel & Gabriel Avendaño
Postproduccion: Gabriel Avendaño

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