9:00-9:35 Special Session
“Using Starship to Build a Base on the Moon”: Paul Wooster (SpaceX)

9:35-10:50 General Talks II
Moon Village Architectural Considerations : [Chairs]Giuseppe Reibaldi (MVA)
“Common Lunar Landing Pads – Built InSitu – Are a Legal and Economic Imperative”: Michelle Hanlon (For All Moonkind and the Center for Air and Space Law)
“Universal Design for All Space Habitat (U-DASH): A Study on Architectural Planning Criteria of Moon Village”: Huai-Chien Chang (HelioX Cosmos Co.)
“General Rules on How to Live on the Moon and the Related Research”: Yoji Ishikawa (Obayashi Co.)
“Planetary Automation Construction Technology”: Tai Sik Lee (Hanyang Univ)
“Roadmap to utilize resources on the Moon and investment (TBC)”: Jim Keravala (OffWorld)

10:50-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 General Talks III
Moon Village Architectural Considerations : [Chairs]Kazuyoshi Kawasaki (JAXA)
“Envision of Space Colony Construction via Moon”:Shoyo Hyodo (MHI)
“Consumer and Producer in the Moon Surface Society”: Michio Isayama (IHI AEROSPACE Co.,Ltd.)
“TOYOTA Contributes to Human Exploration through Pressurized Crew Rover”: Hirofumi Inoue (TOYOTA)
“Elastic Wheel for Lunar Rover”: Makoto Ishiyama (Bridgestone)
“ASTRAX Lunar City Development Project Overview: TBC”: Taichi Yamazaki (ASTRAX)
“To the Moon and back, your comms made simple: Relay communications services around the Moon in 2023”: Nelly Offord Harlé (Surrey Satellites Technology Ltd)