⭐Hi Guys! It’s kinda stressful having a new addition to your family, let alone when the new addition arrives in an unfamiliar country. However, at some point, you might need some help watching that little munchkin and that can feel VERY overwhelming in France. There is just so many options! So the video today is all about helping clarify everything that’s French childcare and your different options for a daycare or nursery in France!

Because there are so many options and the word “la creche” seems to be thrown around in so many different ways, I start off the video with all the different vocabulary ( garde partagee, nounou, assistante maternelle, creche collective etc..) surrounding daycare in France. Once we are all on the same page about the French nursery school options, I then jump into some of the things to take into account like availability and budget. I wrap up the video with some of the most important advice I got from friends and family about French childcare options that made our choice way easier! ⭐
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