On March 15th, 2020 the School of Rock music schools closed their doors to physical lessons for the safety of their students because of Covid-19 pandemic.

The School of Rock is more than just music lessons. It’s rehearsals, it’s friendships, it’s COMMUNITY!
Within 24 hours the School of Rock restructured their business model and launched School of Rock Remote. It is an innovative way to not only teach their lessons, but to bridge the gap of the social aspect of their program.

To keep their kids learning and engaged the three School of Rock’s in Arizona started the Corona Sessions!
After 3 videos of the students, the families asked for the instructors and staff to make a video.
They miss the kids so much, they obliged eagerly.
This was made by current instructors, managers and front desk staff.

Etti Bowen-Drum Instructor
Torri Ross-Bass Instructor, Show Director (Former School of Rock All Star)
Zac Wolin-Studio Coordinator, Bass Instructor
John Bacino-Guitar Instructor, Show Director (Former School of Rock All Star)
Christopher Marchchant-Keys, Guitar, Sax, Bass, whatever we need and Show Director
Sydney Roten-Manager of School of Rock Gilbert
Casper Pelletier-Keys, Guitar Instructor
Josh Rumsey-Show Director
Megan Baskerville-General Manager of School of Rock AZ and Vocal Instructor
Shane Baskerville-Music Director of School of Rock AZ

This was made to continue the feeling of community and for the kids to make music together even though, physically…they can’t be near each other at this time. It was important to us to show the kids that WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS and we will CARRY ON!

We hope you enjoy! Feel free to share.
For more info, go to www.schoolofrock.com