Blank Range is an American rock band based out of Nashville, Tenessee.

The band consists of singer Jonathon Childers, drummer Matt Novotny, bassist Taylor Zachry, and guitarist/singer Grant Gustafson.

Blank Range´s music is embodied by a mix of deep lyrics, catchy riffs and lovely harmonies that come together to create one of the best natural and organic music we´ve ever heard.

Matt couldn´t make it, so we thought the session was doomed, we decided to try it out with accoustics.

Magic came alive into our ears, the power of Grant´s voice, Taylor´s harmonies and Jonathon in the guitar made the moment we are now very glad to show you.

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Credits: Blank Range; Jonathon Childers (Vocals), Grant Gustafson (Vocals/Guitar),
Matt Novotny (Drums), Taylor Zachry (Bass)

Director: Diego Gallasteguí; Photography: Daria Sánchez; Audio Engineers: Gerardo Beltrán, Joaquín Ogarrio; Videographers: Diego Gallástegui, Daria Sánchez, Juan Alberto De La Riva; Creative Director: Miguel Sola.

Produced, recorded and edited @ LAUD.