[Filmed By John Clay] Big & The Fat ‘s bass heavy sound married well with Wendy Mathews’ lighting. These quirky elements worked in conjunction with strange panning shots to highlight the mystery of the band. Simon Shoulders provided the thumbnail picture which drew you casual observers in … be sure to like their Facebook page too:

And here’s a link to the studio space:

About these sessions:
Before I was fortunate enough to meet Margo Broom (consequently filming bands in her living Room/studio), my live sessions were done anywhere and everywhere. Outside at night (Dark Willow), outside a sex shop in London’s Soho (Rachel D’Arcy) and now I’m proud to present The Big and The Fat

When’s the last time you read a music magazine from cover to cover? Don’t remember? Neither do I – and hey – even the best forty plus pages are gonna have bits that you skip till later.

Kind of like Clark Kent’s Rock and Roll Revue, which features a monthly video playlist dedicated to London’s underground Rock and Roll.

Until Ant and Dec host something worth buying a TV for, indulge yourself on a musical safari.

This channel belongs to you.


You can find John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent on:

… And here’s this channel’s latest playlist to dig into:

Let’s rock!

Official Music videos shot by John Clay include the following clients/bands:

Fur Cough

Loose Joints

Lost Film Foundation

Weird Sex

White Ape






Healthy Junkies

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