pensez à vous abonner, merci
le pays
lyrics : François Reibel
song : Berdeforcal

follow me now
song & lyrics : Berdeforcal

la croisée des chemins
lyrics : Berdeforcal & François Reibel
song : Berdeforcal

voice : Berdeforcal
guitars : Berdeforcal
bass : Sabdeforcal
realised & filmed by François Reibel

LIVE SESSION Reillanne, january 2018.

guitars : squier jazzmaster vintage modified with special thanks to Q_pickups, Custom 77 london’s burning cs4 with seymour duncan sh 13 dimebucker, Gibson Les paul Junior
Pedals : electro-harmonix cathedral and delue memory boy, earthquaker devices Hoof, wah Jerry cantrell
Bass : harley-benton with fender precision MIM pickups

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