Al Foul & French Tourist at La Blackhouse !!
Filmed by Marco Tsypkin & Didier Poiraud
Edited by Didier Poiraud & Eric Pifeteau
Special Thanks to Laurent Allinger, alias French Tourist and to Gregg Bréhin & amel, Aurélie Cotillard, Jean Depagne, Angus & Owen, Maryline, and all the guests and residents.

Al Foul has been making music for over 20 years. Shortly after arriving in Tucson in 1989, he formed Al Foul and the Shakes, who became known for delivering something most Rockabilly bands at the time lacked: a raw poise and straightforwardness culled from a punk rock background. Now, as a one-man band, Al has been able to focus more on whittling his distinctive songwriting and inimitable style into a sharp point that pokes through the trends and fashions to get at something timeless.
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